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Hatha Yoga in New York City

Karen is a hatha yoga teacher in New York City, certified by the  Integral Yoga Institute. Hatha yoga focuses on wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. It’s ideal for both beginners and for clients with more yoga experience. Hatha yoga includes gentle stretching, breathing exercises and mind-body awareness at a relaxed pace. The sequence of poses (known as asanas) aligns the body with the flow of energy to enhance physical and mental wellness.


Hatha yoga develops strength and flexibility using gentle limbering exercises. The breathing techniques in yoga help with relaxation. The poses increase circulation and oxygen throughout the body and major organs, purifying the body from toxins, alleviating stress, increasing presence of mind and stimulating a greater mind-body connection.


Karen is a premier hatha yoga instructor in New York City. Her private session formats and years of expertise create a yoga experience that is unique, relaxing and restorative.