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Therapeutic Yoga in New York City

Karen Yat specializes in private yoga therapy in New York City for clients with arthritis, lower back pain and other physical issues. The value of yoga therapy has been noted for thousands of years and its physical, mental and emotional benefits have been scientifically documented.


Therapeutic yoga provides significant health benefits to individuals recovering from injuries or physical issues. Yoga, unlike high impact forms of exercise, allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of increased flexibility, mobility and rejuvenation. Group yoga classes lack the personal attention required to address specific injuries or individual physical challenges. With Karen’s extensive yoga training and nursing experience, her private yoga therapy sessions are safer and therapeutically designed for a personalized yoga experience.


Karen has extensive experience working with clients with chronic pain and other physical limitations. Yoga significantly alleviates back pain, improves mobility, and flexibility. Practicing yoga also prevents and limits the effects of arthritis. Karen’s clients have experienced enormous benefits practicing yoga for arthritis relief. Learn how private yoga sessions can help you enhance your quality of life, relieve back pain, and combat the effects of arthritis.


Karen is certified in Therapeutic Yoga  (Cheri Clamptett),  Yoga for Arthritis (Dr. Steffany Moonaz), and Reiki Therapy (Integrative Medicine Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center), an integrated method of healing and relaxation.