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Private Yoga Sessions NYC

Skip the gym. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of yoga lessons in the comfort of your own home or office.

Karen Yat conveniently offers private yoga sessions in NYC homes and offices to provide a completely customized yoga experience. Every client is unique with their own physical limitations, individual fitness level, and personal goals. Karen understands the importance of individuality and tailors your yoga routine to you to enhance the benefits of yoga.


Learning in your comfort zone

Yoga helps individuals focus on finding their center. Your center is not only physical alignment, but a place of meditative calm and control where your body, spiritual, and emotional energy are all positively aligned. To find your center, it’s essential to be comfortable and relaxed during your yoga sessions.


Walking into a group yoga class can be intimidating and impersonal. Having to race through traffic to make it to a yoga class can actually add stress to your day instead of relieving it. Karen brings her yoga expertise to you with private sessions in your home or office. By practicing yoga in your comfort zone, you are able to move toward your personal goals, focus your energy, and learn stress management techniques.



A personalized approach to yoga

People have many different reasons for practicing yoga. Some are looking to recover flexibility and mobility after injury, while others want to manage the chaos and stress of day-to-day life. Many athletes and fitness devotees also practice yoga to diversify their workout and improve their flexibility. Karen takes the time to learn your goals and specific needs to design yoga sessions tailored perfectly to your lifestyle, fitness level and personal goals.


Karen’s expertise and passion for yoga, offered in a focused environment, create a personalized, one-on-one yoga experience in NYC.