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Yoga for Arthritis in New York City

Doctors and healthcare professionals highly recommend yoga for arthritis as an effective strategy to reduce joint pain and enhance overall health. If rheumatoid arthritis is affecting your health, fitness or mobility, Karen can provide a customized yoga program to help alleviate the effects of arthritis in a safe and focused environment.

For those who suffer from arthritis, yoga is a gentle alternative to traditional forms of high impact aerobic exercise. Arthritis limits mobility, decreasing muscle strength, tone and endurance. In order to counter these effects, it is crucial for individuals to stay active and to keep joints flexible and functional. Yoga is perfect solution to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, keeping muscles strong to support movement and reduce joint stiffness.

The simple, gentle movements of yoga for arthritis work to gradually build strength and flexibility. Karen’s expertise allows her to modify traditional yoga sequences to protect joints and adapt to the needs of each specific client. In addition to physical benefits, yoga is also recommended for individuals with arthritis relieving muscle tension and aiding stress reduction. Karen’s private yoga lessons have helped her clients alleviate the effects of arthritis and lead active, healthier lives.